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About aesthetic

Aesthetic, was the result of bottle of whisky, determination and a commitment to one's word and personal accountability. In 2015 while working with a company in the paintball industry, the poignant and defining moment came where a decision would shape the following year... what color marker did I want to shoot? 


After settling on black I was immediately disappointed, so I manned up and decided to fix this myself, After weeks of learning that turned into turned into months, I was able to finally anodize my black gun to the clear splash, black sponge and red base I wanted. I had finally made it.


After sharing my success with a friend, he asked me to do something for him, and so began the scale to business and with business comes a name.June 8,2014, Eric Baker one of my best friends passed away suddenly from a pre existing heart condition; something that would shape my life more than I had anticipated.


Just before Eric had passed we were training at the gym and we began discussing body building's greats, and how they trained, symmetry and over all aestheticism took precedence over sheer size. So after the usual shit talking and general banter we both decided, "It was aesthetics over all."


In seeing Eric's funeral card I was reminded once more of our talks and training, thus Aesthetic was born in hopes of preserving not just craftsmanship and quality, but the memory of a man who embodied it. 

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